How to Scale Content Production Faster and Safeguard Your Brand


Do you ever wish more people could pitch in on content creation but are worried about them breaking the brand?

Let’s face it: we all want to simplify content creation — and our lives. But if you’ve ever tried to dramatically increase content production, you know what a nightmare it can be. 

Join Foleon’s Head of Brand & Comms, Julie van der Weele, together with Content Operations extraordinaire, Jerry Virta, as they share their journey to scaling content creation. 

In this fireside chat, they’re laying it all out and telling you how they’ve scaled and streamlined content production in the last year by:

  • Defining who should (and could) be involved in content creation
  • Expanding — and limiting — access to ContentTech based on roles
  • Increasing efficiency by removing content bottlenecks
  • Keeping the brand intact while adding more creators to the mix
  • Making it easy for “non-creators” to get their hands dirty (and keep the brand clean)