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Instruction Videos

Zapier Instruction Video

648 views May 14, 2019

Find out how our all-new Zapier integration allows you to automatically transfer collected reader...

Instruction Videos

3 Amazing effects you can achieve with Foleon

865 views April 30, 2019

Watch as Foleon’s Senior Designer Vincent shows you 3 Amazing effects and advanced design...

Instruction Videos

The Foleon essentials in 2 minutes

9,606 views April 03, 2019

Get familiar with the Foleon basics in this quick video. Create visual content experiences...


Advanced Design Techniques | June 18 - 2019

85 views June 18, 2019

Watch as Foleon’s top designers show you little-known tricks and advanced design techniques in...


Webinar - Promoting your publication | May 20 -...

222 views May 20, 2019

Ensure your interactive content gets seen by learning the tips, tricks, tactics and best...


Webinar - The Drag & Drop Editor | May 14 - 2019

521 views May 14, 2019

Get the edge you need to build brilliant content gems in our new Drag Drop editor. Master the...

Instruction Videos

Foleon Tutorial - Working with elements

1,005 views April 03, 2019

We have a wide variety of elements available in our Drag Drop editor. This video shows you how...

Instruction Videos

Foleon Tutorial - Working with Blocks

1,723 views April 03, 2019

This video demonstrates how you can quickly build pages by dragging and dropping content blocks...

Instruction Videos

Foleon Tutorial - Adjusting the background of a...

1,534 views April 03, 2019

Learn how to adjust the background of blocks in our Drag Drop editor. We’ll show you how to use...

Instruction Videos

Foleon Tutorial - Adjusting text

1,045 views April 03, 2019

Watch this video to learn how text editing works with our Drag Drop editor.