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Lesson | Create GIFs and make your Docs engaging


00:30 Examples of GIFs in Docs
01:11 Steps to create an animated GIF
01:32 Step 1. Create a vector file
02:44 Step 2. Prepare vector file for animation
03:16 Step 3. Animate the vector file
06:17 Step 4. Convert .mov to a .gif file
07:10 Best practices GIF creation for Foleon Docs

Excited to announce this topic as we have been asked for by many of our users! This lesson is focused on teaching you how to create GIFs to bring the looks of your Foleon docs to the next level! 

Some of the things we’ll show you are:

  • Examples of unique GIFs in Foleon Docs
  • Way to make a GIF yourself to spice up your Docs
  • GIF best practices

This lesson is for you if:

  • You know your way around our platform
  • You're a designer interested in making your own GIFs/ not a designer curious in learning what's possible and to have someone else make them for you
  • You're motivated by creating stunning content
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