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Lesson | Foleon analytics: Stop ignoring the results of your content


00:26 Foleon Analytics (FA) vs. Google Analytics (GA)
01:07 Goal setting for your Foleon Doc
03:48 Foleon Analytics
04:54 Google Analytics
10:43 Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
11:44 Best practices analytics

It’s becoming increasingly important to use analytics data. This lesson is focused on teaching you how to leverage the results of the intelligent content you're publishing.


Some of the things we’ll show you are:

  • Overview of all reporting elements in Foleon Analytics and Google Analytics
  • See how readers are moving through your Foleon Doc and discover problems in the flow
  • How to take analytics into account when creating a Foleon Doc


This lesson is for you if:

  • You want to know who reads your Foleon Docs to take strategic action
  • You want your Foleon Docs to be read by the right audience
  • You’re motivated to analyze, learn, improve and repeat
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