Instruction Videos

Instruction Videos

Non-linear read navigation options

42 views March 06, 2023

Let your audience move around your Doc freely. What you'll learnWhat non-linear read navigation...

Instruction Videos


46 views February 20, 2023

Make your next newsletter the most engaging and interactive one yet. What you'll learnUse the...

Instruction Videos

Set up Brand Kit

179 views February 08, 2023

Brand governance made easy. What you will learnWhat a Brand Kit is. In which ways it helps...

Instruction Videos

Set up a branded 404 page

61 views January 30, 2023

Protect your brand identity even when your visitors come across a faulty link or a Doc that's...

Instruction Videos

Foleon tables

135 views January 30, 2023

Help your reader easily scan and understand data What you'll learn Styling fonts and table rows...

Instruction Videos

Review mode

156 views January 30, 2023

Collaborate on Foleon Docs with built-in commenting What you'll learnHow to enable Review mode...

Instruction Videos

Linear read navigation options

133 views January 24, 2023

What you will learn: Most common mistake with the navigation settings. Ways to improve reader...

Instruction Videos

Successfully create long-form Foleon Docs

87 views January 20, 2023

What you'll learn Choose the right page layout that is consistent and predictable. Keep your...

Instruction Videos

Column hacks

101 views January 20, 2023

What you'll learnHow to add 5 columns in a row and size them equally. How to create space between...

Instruction Videos

Typography and symbols

66 views January 20, 2023

What you'll learnHow to add an arrow or symbol to a button element. How to adjust line height...

Instruction Videos

Animation of blocks, columns, and elements

72 views January 20, 2023

What you'll learnDifferent effects when animating blocks, columns, and elements.How to emphasize...

Instruction Videos

Successfully create a one-pager Foleon Doc

70 views January 20, 2023

What you'll learn Find the right template to start from.Set up navigation for your...