Product marketing videos

Product marketing videos

Foleon explained in 3 minutes

4,507 views October 18, 2023

Content is central to business success and is too important to be the job of just one team....

Foleon Webinars and Talks

Foleon Webinars and Talks

Operational Efficiency is Always In Vogue

272 views September 02, 2022

Ceasar Chevalier, SVP of Global Sales at Foleon, chats with Julie Alexander, Director of Brand...

Foleon Webinars and Talks

Conversation with a CFO: How to Get a Green Light on Your...

182 views August 11, 2022

With over twenty years of experience in finance, Foleon CFO Richard Tieleman has worked in a...

Foleon Webinars and Talks

Foleon Webinar | Skyrocket Your Lead Generation with...

1,394 views December 09, 2019

If you're like most marketing professionals, you rely on gated white papers and eBooks to fill...

Foleon Webinars and Talks

Foleon Webinar | Settings

627 views November 20, 2019

This webinar will help you understand the many different settings and options in the Foleon...

Foleon Webinars and Talks

Foleon Webinar | Succeeding with Digital Content Creation

1,076 views October 11, 2019

Today’s content consumers are hard to reach. Attention spans are getting shorter. More than ever...

Foleon Webinars and Talks

Foleon Webinar | Promoting your publication

475 views October 11, 2019

Ensure your interactive content gets seen by learning the tips, tricks, tactics and best...

Instruction Videos

Instruction Videos

Connect Zapier with Foleon and your CRM

72 views November 07, 2023

Help Center articles: Connecting Foleon to Zapier Integrate Foleon with your tech stack using...

Instruction Videos

See the Content Builder in action

184 views September 22, 2023

We're excited to demonstrate how the all-new Content Builder editing interface improves the...

Instruction Videos

Height setting demo

214 views August 14, 2023

Short demo of our Element height setting

Instruction Videos

Add users

168 views April 04, 2023

Get the right team members involved to ease the content creation workflow. Key learnings: The...

Instruction Videos

Master the Content Builder in 5 minutes

353 views April 04, 2023

Designing like a pro for non-pros. Key learnings:Placing your text and media assets to your...

Instruction Videos

Non-linear read navigation options

185 views March 06, 2023

Let your audience move around your Doc freely. What you'll learnWhat non-linear read navigation...

Success Stories

Success Stories

Businessolver takes live events online with Foleon and...

430 views September 13, 2022

How do you successfully move live events to the digital space? Madicyn Maines shares how...

Success Stories

IRIS modernizes marketing materials with Foleon

375 views February 14, 2022

IRIS Software Group noticed that some of their most crucial content assets, produced in PDF,...

Success Stories

Dice unlocks content intelligence with Foleon

606 views January 25, 2022

As the premier career tech marketplace, Dice puts much effort into creating quality content but...

Success Stories

Université de Moncton triples content production for a...

536 views January 10, 2022

To drive alumni engagement, Université de Moncton switched from print and PDFs to award-winning...

Success Stories

Curative exceeds fast-growing content demands with Foleon

592 views October 25, 2021

Hear from Jessica Gelzer, Director of Marketing & Communications at Curative, about the...

Success Stories

Aon increases content velocity and audience engagement...

544 views October 01, 2020

We spoke with Susanne Schuijt, Senior Communications Advisor at Aon, to hear how they’re...

Foleon Updates

Foleon Updates

Behind the Doc: New Review mode feature explained

160 views January 23, 2023

Receiving feedback can be challenging. Centralizing it is a whole other story. Our new Review...

Foleon Updates

Undo/redo is here (and that’s not all) ​​🎉

342 views June 16, 2022

We heard your feedback loud and clear. Undo/redo is here, along with a gazillion other...

Foleon Updates

Scale content creation with Foleon

2,135 views May 16, 2022

Imagine meeting rising content demands by empowering your entire marketing team to create the...

Foleon Updates

Foleon Therapy: Reduce stress, empower your team, make...

239 views April 14, 2022

Is your content failing to attract and engage your audience? Are content bottlenecks holding you...

Foleon Updates

Foleon Therapy: Scale content production and safeguard...

152 views April 14, 2022

Tired of flat, static content? Sick of the back-and-forth between copy, design and stakeholders?...

Foleon Updates

Foleon Therapy: Prove marketing’s value

164 views April 14, 2022

Marketing is under pressure to provide assets that pop — something their audience can't ignore....



Latest Foleon Updates Q1 2024

100 views April 02, 2024

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about our recent product updates and what's coming up. In...


Aftermovie: Foleon moved to a new office!

380 views November 08, 2019

We moved to a new office! Come by anytime.



358 views January 20, 2020

The first-ever image of a black hole, a bunch of people looking for aliens in Area 51, and the...


Aftermovie: Foleon Summer Party

916 views July 01, 2019

Here’s how we kicked off our summer party! We’re now all recharged and ready to work on new...


Aftermovie: Foleon’s Digital Content Creation Meetup

555 views June 26, 2019

Foleon’s Digital Content Creation Meetup brings together the best of what digital content...


Aftermovie: Hands-on Training - 29th of November, London, UK

594 views May 17, 2019

Product catalogs, customer magazines, event publications, and more… Foleon makes it visual,...